This favourite soft drink is iconic in Japan for its innovative bottle shape and refreshing taste, and is more popular now than ever as these delicious flavours are being discovered abroad.

When you first see a bottle of Ramune (pronounced Ra-Mu-Ne), you would never believe that the brand has been around for over 130 years. It is the shape of the bottle that really stands out, and then you are presented with the challenge of how to open it as you realise there is a little marble inside. These marbles have fascinated and intrigued people for well over a century…

The story of Ramune began in 1872 when Englishman Hiram Codd patented a very cleverly-designed bottle with a marble stopper, in order to reduce the use of cork. His ‘Codd Neck Bottle’ design was then used by a Scottish pharmacist based in Kobe to distribute lemonade to treat cholera.

The taste was so good that Ramune was adopted as Japan’s summer festival drink of choice, and its uniquely-shaped bottles have been delivering delicious refreshment to millions of people ever since.

As well as the mysteries of the marble stopper, Ramune is now well known for its wide variety of flavours, with more being released every month.

Sushi Passion stocks several varieties of Ramune so you too can taste this iconic Japanese drink straight from the fridge. They will even show you how to open it if you can’t work it out!


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