It’s good to be back, Birmingham! Things are starting to return to normal at Great Western Arcade with over 90 percent of our stores now back up and running. Here at GWA we have a wide selection of Brummie independent stores and restaurants all operating in a COVID safe environment.

The latest addition to our centre is The Pineapple Cocktail Club and Beer Boutique which officially opens on Saturday 26th September. Ran by the award-winning team behind The Vanguard Cocktail Bar and Meadery, The Pineapple Club will have a carefully curated cocktail menu including the El Poco Baya with Koskenkorva Vodka, Lemon, White Pear and Grape. You can also grab a bite to eat from their brunch and small plate offerings.

Branching out from their oaty breakfast treats, Morridge have created The Morridge Sandwich for all your lunch time needs. Keeping with the oaty theme, the Morridge Sandwich features their signature oat pattie, roasted garlic hummus, greens, pickles, slaw, fresh tabbouleh, grilled halloumi, crispy onions, and homemade seasonal plum ketchup served up on a toasted malt roll! A real treat for vegan and plant-based food lovers.

As well as continuing their online wine tasting sessions, Loki Wines are now running drinks tastings in person here at GWA, with their Gin Tasting session taking place on Saturday 19th September. All COVID safety regulations will be in place, so the only thing you’ll need to worry about is eating a proper breakfast beforehand!

Don’t forget if you’re looking for your beauty fix then Beauty by Regis opened last month at GWA! Located in Unit 10, the salon offer a variety of facial treatments and also stock ranges including Pink Boutique, Dermaquest, OPI and Crystal Clear.