Black Pounds Project founder CJ Lloyd Webley has been awarded the Commonwealth ‘Points of Light Award’ by the Prime Minister, with the support of all Members of Parliament!

Points of Light are outstanding individual volunteers – people who are making a change in their community. Every week day the Prime Minister recognises an inspirational volunteer with the daily Points of Light award, and CJ is the 2073rd individual in the UK to be recognised in this way.

Speaking about the award, CJ says:

“I am incredibly proud to accept the prestigious Daily Points of Light award as the 2073rd recipient in the United Kingdom. ‘The Black Pounds Project’, a cause I am deeply committed to, has played a pivotal role in uplifting and empowering communities facing economic disadvantages. The impact we have achieved has exceeded my wildest expectations since the project’s inception. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated volunteers whose unwavering support has brought us to this remarkable milestone. The journey hasn’t been easy, but this award serves as a recognition of our tireless efforts and unwavering dedication. I am determined to continue supporting and empowering the community through this invaluable work.”

Well done CJ, from everyone at the Great Western Arcade! We are so proud to have your flagship store right here in the heart of Birmingham.

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