Shibuya Underground, Birmingham’s much awaited Japanese cocktail and sake bar, has now opened reservations for from 18th March 2022.

Shibuya Underground is set to take you on a liquid journey around Japan, showcasing an authentic Japanese drinking experience, you’ll be discovering Japanese philosophies, culture and flavours, all from the land of the rising sun. The name Shibuya refers to the shopping district which surrounds Shibuya Station. This area is often referred to as the fashion capital of Japan and known as a major nightlife hotspot.

Nestled away under the streets of Birmingham you will find the traditionally styled, eight seater venue, similar to the famous bars of Golden Gai. The address is exclusive and will only be given to those who are truly prepared to embrace this unique experience.

Shibuya Underground will boast 2 menus to choose from a Japanese cocktail menu or a Sake menu. Both are set menus of 6 courses of drinks, which have been curated by the Shibuya Underground team
under the watchful eye of sake expert Samuel Boulton. This style of service is called Omakase, in Japanese, which translates to ‘I leave it up to you’, it’s most commonly used when dining at Japanese restaurants where the customer leaves it up to the chef to choose and serve their freshest and most exciting dished from the menu.

The cocktail menu will consist of 6 stories (drinks), each story will explore a different area of Japanese culture. Pictured is the Matcha Martini which consists of Ki No Tea Dry Matcha Gin and a in house made clear matcha cordial. While drinking, the team will talk you through Japan’s rich cultural love for tea, including the famed Tea Ceremony!

The sake menu will take a similar form which is designed to give you an introduction into Japanese Sake and help you try many different styles. On the sake menu you will try 6 glasses of sake chosen by their sake experienced team, each sake is picked to best show off the style, region and producer of the brew. Along this journey you’ll also learn some history of sake, how it’s made and finally have the chance to take some bottles home with you, should you wish.

Shibuya Underground will also be hosting many events including the long awaited monthly Sake School! Lead by Samuel Boulton the monthly event will dive deep into 1 style of sake giving you a chance to learn more about your favourite sake or explore more! The team also have a host of other events planed from Karaage nights (Japanese Fried Chicken) to Tea Ceremony and the much wacky Japanese animated horse racing! Some of these sound like events not to be missed!

This looks to be a great experience for anyone who loves Japan! Opening later this year, with experiences starting at £40pp. Shibuya Underground will be a very intimate space seating up to 8
people at any time, the bar will be bookings only, with Friday and Saturday evenings expected to be busy.

Each reservation will be a two hour experience, ensuring we have enough time to guide you through the stories and tales we have prepared from the East. For all bookings and enquiries please email us at bookings@shibuyaunderground.co.uk.

Opening times
Thursday: 17:00 – 23:00
Friday: 17:00 – 00:00
Saturday: 13:00 – 00:00

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