We hope you will join us in giving our new Artist in Residence a very warm welcome to Unit 6! Ginger Dan is a local street artist who will be creating and selling their work from now until to 19th July.

During this residency, they will also be painting the windows, running workshops and providing a hub for other artists and creators to collaborate and share ideas.

Do pop in and say hello to Danni, and follow @ginger_dan on Instagram to find out more about their activities in the Arcade.


Art has always provided a way for me to better understand my own personal feelings and experiences through compulsive creativity.

I explore my own identity through large-scale street art in bold, saturated colours, often representing non-conforming, ‘outsider’ characters that speak to my own Queer experience. My work comprises loud, attention-seeking, proud characters being freely and unapologetically themselves outside of mainstream culture.

It is my hope that this boldness of expression, mixed with the vulnerability of creating art in public spaces, empowers others to accept and cherish their own individuality, and that alienation from mainstream society can actually become a strength to be drawn upon.

Alongside my street art and smaller pieces, I host regular Drink + Draw sessions around Birmingham, with the philosophy that ‘anybody can create their own masterpiece’ (a glass of wine often helps!).

I am hoping that my residency at the Great Western Arcade will enable me to show my work to a larger audience as well as provide an opportunity for other artists to meet and share ideas in a safe space. I would be delighted for you to come and have a chat with me as you pass by! You can also watch me create artwork on the window, as well as take part in workshops where you can have a go at creating your own masterpiece.

Book your place at Ginger Dan’s events here:

Sketchbook Jam!
Tuesday 11th July 6-8pm

Graffiti Stickers Workshop
Thursday 13th July 6-8pm


Instagram: @ginger_dan